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.How.I.Met.Your.Mother.S05E22.PROPER.READNFO.HDTV.XviD-LULZ (2010-05-11)

It appears as though LOL have watermarked yet another release from their supposed
pre-air source (note that the timestamp of the extracted AVI is often earlier than
the time of which the show airs in the east-coast[1], though this may not
necessarily prove anything).

LOL may have taken a content rating logo[2] and the Citytv logo[3] and overlayed
it on their source perhaps via an AVISynth filter such as Overlay[4].

Citytv broadcasts in HD DTT in the east- and west-coast.[5] Our source is the 1080i
public broadcast from the only east-coast Citytv station (CITY-TV) via DTT. Notice
that the timings, appearance, and alignment of both the content rating and station
logos are different compared to LOL's release. For instance, LOL's Citytv logo fades
in as a whole, whereas our legitimate Citytv logo flies in letter by letter. Also,
CITY-TV did not broadcast the scene at the end of LOL's release with the man in
the elevator.

So if LOL actually capped from east-coast CITY-TV, and released the show before
another HD Citytv station had aired it (which they did), why would such
discrepancies exist? Remember, there's only one Citytv station in the east-coast
and evidently[6] LOL didn't do a great job of making their source seem legitimate,
even though they shouldn't have tried to from the get-go.

Assuming (the possibly unlikely case) that their pre-air source is a "backhaul"
feed[7] in which flagship stations distribute shows to their affiliates, then it
may be expected to be sans-logo as affiliates are to overlay their own logo.

There's even a rule in the 2008 TV-X264 ruleset stating that "group watermarks
of any kind on the video will not be tolerated,"[8] so it seems perplexing as
to how DIMENSION are preing some of their releases scot-free.

Moreover, it is interesting to note that for many of their releases, regardless of
show or station (i.e., "Citytv" or "WDRB"), the content-rating logo usually fades
in at 2s and fades out at 11s.

LOL are welcome to disprove these allegations of group watermarking by providing
an unedited source sample and an explanation. If they cannot in a timely manner,
or choose to continue to pre these group-watermarked releases, we may continue
to proper them. In the meantime, here is the actual broadcast of the show on
CITY-TV for the interested (ours is cropped to the widest frame[8]).

On another note, the recent biases and hypocrisies that have been rotting the scene
have grown out of hand. It may be very likely that this release will be nuked and
LOL's release might not be nuked, both on the basis of a reason such as "no.such."[9]. If that is the case, why nuke any TV-XVID
release at all?

1. What was the point of the nukewar between P0W4 and 2HD regarding Flashforward
   S01E12? Perhaps, that a group can proper another group's release for the most
   minute of reasons, but only if the group that has propered has seniority.
   Remember, P0W4 was unable to successfully use the same argument that was used
   to unnuke LOL's release of Happy Town[9]. For instance, LULZ has absolutely no
   seniority over LOL, so would we have the "right" to proper?

2. Groups with seniority do not deserve any leeway on their own technical flaws.
   They must be held accountable just like any other TV-XVID group. If a group
   has consistently ruined their releases, a "warning" nuke must not be made, but
   all of the ruined releases must be retroactively nuked--regardless of group
   seniority. For instance, this series is not the only one that LOL may have
   watermarked with the Citytv logo (see Modern Family and Community). Will their
   previous releases be retroactively nuked? Time will tell.

The bottom line is that all groups must be treated fairly and if there is a
proven and reasonable technical flaw with a release, it deserves to be nuked.
Any nuker that disagrees, does not deserve to be one.

1. Our source sample of the show (sample.mpg).
2. A clip of the local news (news.mpg) to prove that this source is CITY-TV.
3. A screenshot of the timestamp (timestamp.png) of the AVI of LOL's release.
4. Frame comparisons of both releases (comparisons/).

1. See timestamp.png.
6. See frame comparisons.
9. See nuke history for Happy.Town.S01E01.HDTV.XviD-LOL.

- We did it for teh lulz. ;)