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The Trip (lsd) [ classic Roger Corman 1967 ]
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Trip, The    

Year    : 1967
Director: Roger Corman
Stars   : Peter Fonda, Susan Strasberg, Bruce Dern, Dennis Hopper,      

     Salli Sachse, Barboura Morris, Judy Lang, Beach Dickerson,         

  Luana Anders, Dick Miller, Michael Nader, Michael Blodgett,           

Angelo Rossitto 
Genre   : Weirdo 

Review  : Paul (Peter Fonda) is a director of television commercials    

       who feels the need to go on a journey of self-discovery now      

     that his marriage is over. He meets up with John (Bruce Dern)      

     and they go to a party so that Paul can try LSD for the first      

     time, with John as his guide. Paul relaxes as the drug takes       

    hold, but is unprepared for the barrage of images that he           

sees, and ends up wandering the streets, stoned...

          This famous attempt to put the full LSD experience onto film  

         was written by Jack Nicholson (yes, that Jack Nicholson). As   

        Roger Corman and American International Pictures moved          

 further into the sixties, they realised they had to cash in           

on the growing counterculture - sending up the beatniks in a           

Bucket of Blood style wasn't going to work with the hippies.           

So we are offered this testament to dropping acid, complete           

with sober disclaimer at the start warning us of this problem           

- they couldn't be seen to be endorsing it, after all.

          The Trip looks like a quaint relic of the times now, which is 

          why it's strangely appealling to see Fonda undergo his        

   consciousness expansion. We know when he's hallucinating           

because he is no longer wearing slacks and a V-neck jumper,           

now he is wearing a shirt with puffy sleeves, sandals and a           

medallion instead. The visions range from Tolkien-esque black           

riders and a hobbit to Edgar Allen Poe Gothic castles, with           

some sex romps in between. The projection of abstract images           

works quite well, especially on faces, and may remind you of           

the Stargate sequence of 2001 on a low budget.

          As a guide, John proves to be largely unhelpful, because      

     after he has talked Paul through the first half of the trip,       

    he proceeds to menace him with a chair and then accidentally        

   let him escape into the night. Once outside, Paul breaks into        

   a house to watch Vietnam news on TV, visits a launderette to         

  gaze lovingly at the washing machines and tumble dryers, then         

  ends up at a club where much dancing, body-painted naked           

women and bongo playing is going on.

          Although Paul has to stand trial in his own mind (with Dennis 

          Hopper as the judge!) as to the merits of his commercials,    

       the apparent accusations of being part of selfish consumer       

    culture ring hollow, considering he's the one who's being           

self-centred enough to seek his own inner truth. And the           

music is undistinguished, vaguely psychedelic rock played by           

Electric Flag, when what you would rather hear is Piper at           

the Gates of Dawn or whatever. Watching The Trip is a bit           

like being told someone else's dreams for over an hour -           

interesting for them, but you feel a little excluded. Still,           

it's experimental cinema by Roger Corman, and on that basis,           

entertaining enough. Also with: a cheeky monkey. 
Reviewer: Graeme Clark 

Roger Corman  (1926 - )

Legendary American B-Movie producer and director who, from the fifties 

onwards, offered low budget thrills with economy and flair. Early films 

include It Conquered the World, Not of This Earth, Attack of the Crab 

Monsters, A Bucket of Blood, The Little Shop of Horrors and X. The 

Intruder was a rare attempt at social comment.

Come the sixties, Corman found unexpected respectability when he 

adapted Edgar Allan Poe stories for the screen: House of Usher, The Pit 

and The Pendulum, The Masque of the Red Death and The Tomb of Ligeia 

among them, usually starring Vincent Price. He even tried his hand at 

counterculture films such as The Wild Angels, The Trip and Gas!, before 

turning to producing full time in the seventies.

Many notable talents have been given their break by Corman, such as 

Francis Ford Coppola, Martin Scorcese, Monte Hellman, Jonathan Demme, 

Joe Dante, James Cameron and Peter Bogdanovich. Corman returned to 

directing in 1990 with the disappointing Frankenstein Unbound.



Sounds very intreiging i must say, when I have seen it I will comment on the movie and give it a rating out of 10.
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I remember when this pix opened. I was just getting out of the Army and everyone went to see it! Thanks for the memory copy.
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